Terms & Conditions

THE PLAYER AGREES TO OBSERVE THE LISTED RULES when they visit the Web resource (the Web resource is considered to be the project Azino888), open an account on the Website, play games on the Website at the first and subsequent use of the player account, get prizes and other rewards. Hereby the Player confirms the accuracy of these rules and ensures compliance with the following paragraphs:

1. User

1.1. The User agrees and accepts all rules, terms, conditions and requests, as well as fully complies with them. In addition, the User agrees that these rules, regulations, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

1.2. The User confirms their age and legal capacity within the territory of the country in which they reside or have the nationality at the time of registration.

1.3. The User agrees that the software and website content are provided solely for their personal non-commercial purposes. The User also undertakes to refrain from publishing, reproducing and copying of the text and graphic information or software of Casino.

2. The casino Web resource

2.1. The Casino Web resource (hereinafter the Casino) is represented in the way the User sees it in real time. The Casino does not assume liability for non-conformity to the User’s vision of service functionality or objectives that it pursues.

2.2. The Casino is not responsible for any failures in computer operation or communication problems, as well as the User attempts to use the service in ways, which differ from those offered by the Casino.

2.3. The Casino does not guarantee fast, uninterrupted and error-free operation. If an error occurs on the resource, it will be fixed in the shortest time possible. The gambling venue takes all necessary measures to protect Web resource from malicious software and computer viruses. The Casino cannot fully guarantee that the software is fully devoid of such problems. Protection of the personal computer from viruses and malware shall be entrusted to the User. The Casino has the right to suspend the work of the resource at the time of maintenance works in the software and hardware complex.

2.4. In case of any accidents, failures, force majeure in the work of third parties cooperating with the Casino, suspension of work of the venue is possible. In this event, all games and bets will be cancelled. The Casino is not responsible for the losses of Users in such situation.


3.1. If in the process of registration, the User specifies the actual personal data, they get access to all methods of deposit and withdrawal options, including credit cards, as well as bonus programs.

3.2. When entering fictitious or incomplete information, the Player will not be able to receive some bonuses, and in order to replenish the player accounts or withdraw winnings all methods except for the bank cards.

3.3. The Player has the right to change their profile to the simplified, and thus, eliminate the use of plastic cards. Such request shall be sent to the Administration of the Casino as soon as the User will be registered.

3.4. Registration may be considered simplified, if the Administration of the Casino decides that the information about the gambler is incomplete or incorrect.

3.5. If registration was complete (i.e., information of a plastic card was provided, and the Player’s request on recognition of the simplified registration has not been received), but at the same time the Player provided false information, the Administration of the Casino has the right to cancel the pay-out of funds, and block the player account.

3.6. At the discretion of the Casino, in some cases, Users may be requested to provide certain documents to confirm the entered data. The Casino Administration determines time of the documents request, as well as their contents. Users may close some fields in the documents (for instance, part of the card number, address or passport number and series). Player account can be suspended during the waiting time of the requested documents. In case the User refuses to provide the requested documents, the player account can be blocked.

3.7. The User agrees to the terms and wager rules, namely to the fact that in order to win back it is required to bet on the total amount equal to the balance during replenishment multiplied by the wager. The Casino Administration may change the size of the wager without prior notice to the Player. If the certain wager amount is not indicated on the website, then the standard indicator 40 should be taken into account.

3.8. The Users from some countries cannot visit the Web resource due to legal restrictions. These countries are Italy, France, Spain, the USA, Turkey, Ukraine, and Great Britain.

4. The User shall not pass data to access their personal account and grant access to the games to the unauthorized persons and third parties. The User is responsible for keeping their login and password, as well as for all activities in the Casino, performed under their account. In the event of security breach or unauthorized access to personal data, the User agrees to immediately notify the Administration of the Casino.

5. The User acknowledges that the responsibility for compliance with the laws of the country, on which territory they reside and have access to Casino, rests solely upon them. If such laws are violated, the Players will be suspended from further participation in the games, and the player account funds will be confiscated.

6. The Casino reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close the player account in case of violation of the Casino rules or other illegal activity without prior notice to the User. Funds of player account of the violator may be confiscated.

7. It is prohibited to play the Casino for all employees and their immediate family.

8. The User has no right to claim damages from the Casino, its employees, directors, managers, distributors, licensees, affiliates and subsidiaries, media partners, advertising agencies in the following cases: the User visits Web resource; uses it repeatedly; the User uses materials available on the Website; the User visits the Casino’s server, or uses it; the User takes part in a gambling or gets a prize.

9. The interests of the Users to the selected Web resources is personal, and not professional. The Players visit the Casino for entertainment purposes, therefore the use of the resource for any other purposes is strictly prohibited.

10. Operation of mechanical, electronic devices, robots and other tools for decision making in any Casino gambling game, as well as the use of mathematical calculations and the method of Martingale, which may affect the outcome of the game, is prohibited in the Casino. Any violation of the rules of computing use or similar devices may result in the following measures: a ban on the Casino games, confiscation of gambling tools that do not exceed the amount of net winnings. In addition, in such cases, the Users may be excluded from participation in promotions and transferred to the list of "Customers with limited access" of the casino industry, which can be accessed by all other online casinos. This requirement shall be observed without any changes.

11. Casino reserves the right to withdraw from the player account by notifying the User, when the funds are on hold for six months after the last date of operation on the account.

12. Only the advertising department of the Casino puts forward solutions related to the suggestions for promotions. The Casino reserves the right without prior notification of the User to modify, extend or cancel promotions at any time and for any reason. Each user who does not comply with the rules of the promotion may be excluded from it. The Casino management has the right to refuse the User to participate in the promotion on its sole discretion.

13. The Casino has a player accounts limitation method for a single gambler, single family or a single address. Only the Casino Administration may make exceptions depending on each individual case.

14. After registration each Player has only one player account. If the User replenishes the player account by the currency different from the currency of the account, the amount will be converted at the current exchange rate of the venue. Administration of the Casino keeps history of all operations, indicating the currency of exchange rates. The following terms apply to the pay-out: part of the pay-out that is equal to or less than the purchase price shall be paid at the rate during the purchase, and the part of the pay-out that exceeds the purchase amount, will be paid at the current rate on the day of the pay-out. For instance, the User has deposited an amount of 100 USD and, respectively, received 3,000 RUB on the player account, and its gambling gain amounted to 600 RUB. The User submits a request for a payment of 3,500 RUB on the wallet in dollar currency. Currently, the exchange rate is 25 RUB. As a result the User will receive 120 USD (3,000/30+500/25).

15. Payment according to the chosen method takes place only in case when the payment system has been used to buy chips in the past (within two months before the execution of the application).

16. The Casino has the right to make payments in a different way, regardless of the Player’s choice.

17. In accordance with the international practice for combating money laundering, the Administration of the Casino has the right to report to the law enforcement agencies about suspicious financial transactions. Casino has the right to suspend the service of the player account and pay-outs to its owner until an investigation of suspicious activity is complete.

18. Make sure to pay attention to the terms and rules that apply to the use of bonus funds. In the event of funds withdrawal for bonuses, there are additional terms for the Visitor.

18.1. Nondeposit bonus is valid for 10 days. If during this period the User does not make a deposit, the bonus amount will be debited from its account irrevocably.

18.2. Bonus amount can be withdrawn from the player account if the User makes a deposit. The amount of the player account replenishment should be not less than the amount on the player account at the time of the request for a pay-out. Immediately after the replenishment, the entire amount will be available for withdrawal (bonus wagering and deposit). The pay-out may be sent to the wallet or card by the same means the User has used to make the deposit.

18.3. If the User replenishes their player account, but has not yet spent the bonus amount, it is necessary to wager the bonus and amount of the deposit. The withdrawal amount will be: bonus + replenishment amount, multiplied by 40.

18.4. Bonus funds may be charged irrevocably if the User tries to withdraw the bonus without wagering it.

18.5. The coupon given to the User to play for real money, allows to cash the prize out which is equal to the amount of deposits at the date of activation of the prize code Х 50 within a month. The total amount may not exceed 5,000 RUB.

19. It is prohibited to use the Web resource to carry out exchange operations, including, but not limited to the exchange of electronic currencies. The Administration of the Casino reserves the right to charge fees to the violators. The refund method and the commission amount is determined by the Administration of the Casino.

20. All rules published on the website, are considered currently valid. The chronology of the revisions is not fixed.

21. Casino does not spam the Players. The Users receive newsletters from the Casino on the phone number specified during player account registration or registration for promotion purposes of the venue.

22. The Administration of the venue reserves the right to publish the name of the User and the country/city of their residence on the honours board of the Casino. The data are published in the list of the winners or in other materials according to the instructions of the administration.

23. The minimum amount for withdrawal from the player account depends on the selected payment system. The current value of the minimum withdrawal amount is indicated in the box when you make a withdrawal request.

24. If within two weeks of sending the request, the amount has not been cashed out for reasons beyond the Casino’s control, this request will be cancelled, and the pay-out amount will be transferred to the player account.

25. If the User receives bonus or real credits on the player account by mistake, they will be cancelled and the winnings gained by these funds will be confiscated. If during a conversion an error occurs, the Casino pays the User an amount greater than it has to. The Administration reserves the right to charge extra amount from the player account. In addition, the sum may be debited from the player accounts, if in the opinion of the Casino Administration they are connected with the Players who win extra money, but are registered in the name of the third parties.

26. Restrictions

26. 1. Absolute Restriction. No customers will be accepted from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France and Italy.

26. 2. Blacklisted Territories. In addition to point 1, all NetEnt games cannot be played or accessed in the following territories: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe. Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Portugal, Romania.

26. 3. Branded Game Territories: a) Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix & Motörhead CANNOT be played or accessed in the following countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe. Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Azerbaijan, China, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey & Ukraine; b) Universal Monsters (Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Invisible Man), CAN ONLY be played in the following countries: Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

26. 4. The jackpot increases by a small amount for every play on any connected slot game. The amount by which the jackpot advances is set by the game provider and they process the win. A machine offering a progressive jackpot displays the amount of the jackpot to attract players. After a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot resets to a preset minimum level. For example, on a machine whose house edge is 5%, a generous jackpot contribution might be 1% (one fifth of the expected profit). The house is prepared to contribute some of the profit of a jackpot linked machine because players are attracted by the jackpot. The game provider process it as a win in the game session and if the user didn’t abuse house rules to unfairly win Jackpot it will be top up player’s account and a player will withdraw it any way convenient. Jackpot win is bet amount/slot type independent.

Additional agreement